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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>i personally ordered xd-05 basic at the time of 11.11 day from seller name</p>
    “XD HIFI Audio store”

    i was so excited, hyped up and all that you know but, til this very day… after almost 23days are passed however, i have none here.

    the devastating disappointment of course, but this kind of problems are all around in the catacombs of Ali Express

    i have no beef with that specially on 11.11 day or black Friday event i understand very much of it and… this is not the main problem of mine

    however, my dear seller’s explanation is actually making my head spin :C

    he keep talking about original factory dosen’t have the product in stock or making  zero product so they can’t deliver me the package that i ordered 23days ago

    they literally keep talking that ever since and my brain is slowly melting cause of listening this excuse over and over

    plus they can’t speak English not that well

    so during the time of 23 days of hell

    i got only 2 or 3 messages as a reply

    just sry and original factory dosen’t make product kinda simple ones


    so!!! my question is!!!

    is it really xd-05 basic is out of stock

    or this seller is doin straight up laying to my face

    i know this forum not meant to exist

    this kinda problems but holy jesus

    i can’t wait no more with zero progress

    xDuoo official

    It is true that XD-05 Basic is out of stock last two weeks, but now, stock is already available.

    But due to there are too many orders these days, stock may run out quickly.

    So, please contact again with the seller.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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