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    Ever since getting the TA 10 I was somewhat disappointed in the performance due to the drivers. The installation was confusing and once I finally got them working I was still having problems.

    I’m still having issues with Spotify on my PC. When I try and play music, Spotify will often act up (I’ve emailed your support for this in the past and unfortunately the newer drivers didn’t actually fix the problem)

    I just recently put a new battery in an old Macbook and decided to try the TA10 with it and, WOW. It’s 10x better than on my PC.

    I’ve only been listening to a few songs, but the most evident is that the volume can go much higher. I was always disappointed in how low the volume went when connected to my PC. It was still fine for listening to music, but I always wished it could do more. It turns out it can!

    The clarity and bass response also seems better.

    But that just begs the question: why does it sound so bad on PC?

    Are you guys currently working on the drivers for this? Or should I just call it a lost cause and use my Macbook from now on?

    Ideally, I’d like to be able to use my pc…

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