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    with XD-05 audio enhancements tab is present in windows 10. It lets me select settings like Bass management and Volume Management. It has a sort of normalizer in the settings somewhere where you can set the delay time to “short” or “long” or set bass management to “office” or “home theater” and this can greatly alter the audio in some cases for certain uses like netflix I feel it can sound much better. I could also use and install Thesycon USB audio drivers from different hardware vendors websites and try them for a different sound feel like the burson audio ones or install thesycon USB driver for the XD05 I felt it sounded good or better somehow.

    But I tried to upgrade and purchase the XD05-PLUS but it doesnt have the audio enhancement tab and it cant install any websites thesycon drivers at all. I think you’ve somehow broken the drivers and its not using any driver windows recognizes? as almost all generic soundcards and audio devices can work with windows high definition audio device drivers or ‘realtek’ drivers or come with a custom driver that offers all the default windows ones and more or better alternatives like creative X-fi control panel or realtek sound control panel. Simply using windows USB 2.0 audio driver may be the wrong way to do it?

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    Hi, I think it should be the reason that our product has updated PID/VID. If you want, we can send the old firmware to downgrade your XD05PLUS and try it

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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