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    Hi, I am happy with the X10T II as a transport (AES out) to Genelec active speakers that have their own internal DACs.


    The music is not interrupted in the first 15 mins or so.  Later, there will be short stutters or gaps appearing that are like 0.2 sec (or a very quick change in the sample rate), and this causes my Genelec speakers to make a loud click sound.  The speakers make this clicking sound (together with red light) when the music starts, stops, or the sample rate changes (like from 44.1 kHz to 48 kHz).


    I have a video that shows this clearly.  It is on https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgELCIlR_V186x_xTn18uiFNfmr4?e=wRWvua.


    Please kindly advise to not have this interruption in my music listening.  Thanks.

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    Does your gustard U16 DDC support 192Khz decoding? It seems that gustard U16 DDC is overloaded when playing 192K


    Oops, sorry, I made a mistake in my post. The interruption happens when I was using USB out from the X10T II (through a Gustard U16 DDC to convert to AES out, to feed my Genelec speakers).  When connected this way, the music is full of static and playing slower when the sampling rate is 192kHz.


    With the direct AES out from the X10T II, there is no problem at all for all sampling rates.  ( But the soundstage is smaller though as compared to when using USB out to the Gustard DDC.)


    Any help to resolve this will be most appreciated. Thanks!


    Hi xDuoo,


    You are right, it was my Gustard U16 that was giving me the problem.  It has been resolved now, and there are no issues with the X10T II.


    It is a great device, and I hope more people will discover this gem.  Thanks.

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