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    Download xDuoo X10 Firmware V1.12

    Upgrade steps:

    1. Put the “update” compressed file into the SD card (SD card to upgrade the system,its format must be FAT32, usually 32G or less.EXFAT card does not support, mostly 64GB or more (including) high-speed card mostly EXFAT format. Or click the right mouse button to view U disk properties, see if the file system is FAT32).

    2. Turn on the player and press the BACK/ESC button to enter the main menu, press the PREV/NEXT button to find the “System Settings”,press ENTER to enter, find “Firmware Upgrade”, press ENTER.

    3. Upgrade successfully!

    4. After upgraded,the default language is English,steps for setting to another language are as follow: find the “Settings”,press ENTER, then find “Language”, press ENTER,Choose the language and press ENTER

    5. In the “Settings”, find the “System Information” (the last one) to see whether the current version is V1.12, and if so, that the upgrade is successful; If no, proves that the upgrade failed, please check the SD card to upgrade with is to meet the requirements.

    Change contents:

    1. Optimized: Might have to wait for a long time to play when there are too many songs.

    2. Fixed: some of the cover picture caused the crash problem (abnormal picture, the file format is wrong).

    3. Fixed: the cover pictures show blurred.

    4. Picked out the problem pictures.

    5. Fixed: the CUE garbled.

    6. Picked out unsupported APE.

    7. Fixed: when not playing, the player will automatically shut down even being operated


    1. About album cover problem: Currently does not support the embedded album cover.
    Want to display the cover picture, you can put the picture in the corresponding folder, any name is ok, the picture format should be jpg or bmp, the pixels should not exceed 500 * 500, when playing the song, will automatically find the corresponding folder within the picture and display it.


    1. If need to rescan the files in the SD card, you will need to boot the device first and then insert the SD card, then it will rescan the files in the SD card automatically.

    2. If you have already inserted the SD card into the device, you can enter “System Stting” and find “Update Media Lib”, press Enter and it will rescan the SD card.


    1. Need to check the current firmware version of the product, enter the “System Settings” and find the “System Information”, press ENTER, can see the system version, the latest version is V1.12


    Hi, I can’t play .ISO files in my xDuoo x10, can You help me?

    xDuoo officialxDuoo official

    Hello, X10 can’t play .ISO file.


    Hi All,

    Win 10 does not recognize my device . Do I need a special Win 10 driver or something ? FW update was successful , I have 1.12.

    Thanks for getting back to me !

    xDuoo OfficialxDuoo Official
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    Is your computer a desktop? Please try connecting the USB port on the back panel of the computer

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