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    Download USB Driver for X10T II, X3 II and X20


    Installation USB Driver

    (Note: Only Windows syemterm need to install this driver, you don’t need to install it on MAC. )

    1. Double-click the file of XMOS USB Drive V3.0.0.exe

    2. Click “NEXT”

    3. Click “Install”

    4. After the installation, click “NEXT”

    5. Then click “FINISH”

    6. Go to  C:\Thesycon\TUSBAudio_v3.34.0\CustomizationKit\DriverPackages

    Double-click the “XMOS_ EVAL_ KITS_ DriverSetup_ v3.34.0.exe”

    7. Click ” Next”

    8. Click “Install”

    9. Installing…

    10.Click “NEXT” after installation

    11. Click “Finish”

    12. Click ” Yes” 

    13.  Use USB cable to connect the product to the computer, and turn on the power, software will be installed automatically. It might need some time, please wait patiently

    (Note: click on the bottom right corner of the screen menu bar, see the installation schedule)

    14. The small speaker icon at the right bottom will become brightness after the installation is completed.

    15. Click start menu on your computer, select: control panel – > hardware and sound – > hardware and sound – > sound, after a computer is ejected from an interface, click < play > option, and then select  <XMOS XS1-U8 MFA> to set it as the default playback device.

    16. Finished, enjoying your music now.





    cant instal driver, already try “as administrator” “try older win os option compatibility” end with same error

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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