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    Hello guys,

    I’ve recently bought this bluetooth receiver and I have some issues that hopefully can be resolved here.

    1. I’ve read here, there is an option to somehow protect a XQ-50 Pro pairing process by a firmware upgrade – where can I get this firmware and how does this protection work?

    2. I’ve some mixed experience with pairing multiple devices with XQ-50 Pro. Firstly I’ve managed to pair 2 smartphones (android/iOS) successfully and switch between them (I couldn’t connect 2 devices simultaneously but that’s fine, I just want a XQ-50 to remember my devices so I can skip the pairing process every time). But the other day it was a totally random thing. Sometimes I needed to “forget the device” in one phone to connect the other and sometimes my phone was “connected” but the audio wasn’t streamed.

    So generally, my question is – does XQ-50 support a multiple device pairing? So that I can easly connect and disconnect my devices without the hassle of pairing and forgetting the devices in bluetooth settings every time?

    3. This is an interesting problem, maybe you’ve came across this. When I connect an Apple device to the XQ-50 Pro I can’t change the volume level. When I go below a certain level it just mute the sound but above that, it has a constant volume. I have this on my MacBook Pro, iPad and iPhone. It’s weird because I didn’t have this kind of problem ever before with any bluetooth device and when I connect an Android device (xiaomi phone) to the XQ-50 Pro, the volume control works just fine. Any ideas?


    Hopefully those problems can be resolved since this XQ-50 Pro is a really nice sounding receiver!



    Ok, so apparently the pairing issue (ad 2.) is somehow resolved. After some initial problems it now seems to work fine with no difficulties switching between devices. Hopefully it will continue that way.


    About the volume control issue (ad. 3) – I’ve noticed that when I’m on my computer (Macbook) the system volume control doesn’t affect the volume level on the XQ-50 Pro (as I’ve described earlier), but when I change the volume inside the specific app (volume sliders inside youtube or spotify) it actually changes the volume level on the XQ-50. Still, volume control on iDevices unfortunately doesn’t work.

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    Hi, please downlaod the newest firmware of XQ-50PRO from here: https://www.xduoo.net/forums/topic/xq-50-pro/


    Hello Guys!

    I just purchased the XQ-50 Pro. Tried using it with iphone and spotify (AAC) – no problem.
    Used it with Fiio M9 and Tidal (LDAC) – connection is okay for a few minutes but stops after a while. Has to press play again and again because player stops. What seems to be the problem here? Please note that my connection is: Fiio M9 (or iphone as mentioned) > XQ-50Pro > (through coaxial) Topping D50 > Pioneer Elite SC61


    There is no problem with the Fiio M9 because I am always using it playing Tidal > D50 > SC61.

    Will appreciate your help and inputs.

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    Hi, can you try to confirm a few questions?:

    1. Is M9 too far away from XQ-50PRO? When using LDAC, the transmission distance will be much shorter

    2. Does M9 have any power-saving mode and other automatic stop playback?

    If none of them, you can try to ignore XQ-50 on M9 and reconnect

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