xDuoo TA-05 Tube Headphone Amplifier


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xDuoo TA-05 High Performance Stereo Tube Headphone Amplifier

Output Power780mW(32Qload)
Frequency Range10HZ-100KHz(+0. 5dB)
THD+N0.1%([email protected])
S/N 115dB
Suitable Earphone16Ω~600Ω

Adopt double 6JI tube for pre-amp, making voice sweet and exquisite

Adopt transistors for class a buffer, so it can easily drive any kind earphones with
strong load capacity

About tube +transistor amplifier

Tube amplifier has its unique”smell of tube”, sweet, soft, warm and listenable voice and good musicality and atmosphere; but its high-frequency transient response and resolving power are worse than that of transistor especially when listening to symphony.

“Transistor” has the advantages of large dynamics, high speed, strong resolving power and strong driving force, especially suitable for the songs with large dynamics; but it is not soft enough and its high-frequency sound is sharp and dry.

Therefore, front tube amplifier and rear transistor combine the advantages of two amplifier rcuits to achieve the ideal sound effect and make you immersed in the happy atmosphere of music.

Making Sounds thorough and sweet

Adopt Japanese Nichicon capacitance specifically for audio enthusiasts, makir sounds thorough and sweet.

Built-in Overvoltage

It built-in overvoltage/overcurrent protection, so that it can be prevente lifier if the voltage/current exceeds the limit value.

Built-in mute circuit of Xduoo TA-05

It built-in mute circuit when turn on amplifier to avoid PoP noise and make sure the tube is worked at its best condition.

Package List

  • AC Cable
  • 6.5 to 3.5 converter lpc
  • User’s manual
  • Warranty Card

Xduoo TA-05 Xduoo TA-05 Xduoo TA-05 Xduoo TA-05