xDuoo X10T II Turntable Player


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xDuoo X10T II award ” Best accessory 2019 ”  from Headfonia

You can check the award from the following link,

BLOG: 2019 Awards – Part 1

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Screen Adopts 2.4-inch IPS high definition all sight screen
Support FormatsDSF, DFF ,ISO, DSD256, support FLAC, APE, WAV, ALAC, AIFF and DXD, PCM 384kHz/32Bit
Body MateriaCNC aluminum alloy shell with matte surface
Battery3.7V/2400 mAh
CPUIngenic X1000
Built-in Memorynone
Size103.3*54.3*15.2 mm
Playing Time>15H
Charging Time <3H(fast charging)
Adapter5V/2A(and above)or simply use the phone adapter
Extended MemoryTF/Micro SD Cards, maximum 256GB

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Audiofool Review 

This is the hardest part of the review as the X10Tii contributes very little to the sound signature since it doesn’t do anything to modify the source unless you use the EQ to intentionally do so. Without the EQ, I think the X10Tii does a good job of presenting the source to the dac exactly as it is. I found no coloration of any kind added to the signature.

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Soundphile Review

The xDuoo X10T II is the only one in its kind. I can’t point to another portable digital transport (if we exclude the first generation) and this makes it quite unique. Given how many people use their DAPs or smartphones with an external DAC, however, the X10T II appears to be a better choice for them as it offers more connections and better battery life.

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